BVW Jewelers, created and owned by Britten Wolf, opened its doors to the community of Northern Nevada in 2013. Entering the showroom of BVW Jewelers, customers feels instantly welcomed, where they can shop for unique, custom-made engagement rings, wedding bands, and more.

Despite specializing in custom jewelry design and repairs, here at BVW Jewelers, we strongly believe that art is integral to cultural and societal values. In support of Reno culture, we showcase emerging local artists on our gallery walls that are constantly changing, creating a diverse environment that welcomes customers, while promoting a plethora of breathtaking artwork styles. On top of that, we support non-profit organizations such as the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, where hundreds of dollars a month are collected and donated.

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BVW Jewelers employs three master jewelers that work on all jewelry for our customers, mainly custom jewelry design and repairs. Each and every piece is all done in-house, making sure your priceless jewelry remains being taken care of in only the best of hands. Whether you are interested in a custom engagement ring, wedding band, earrings, necklace, or something completely unique and taboo, we will help you step by step until the very end. We are here to help create the perfect piece of YOUR dreams.

We take much pride in providing the absolute finest quality of work to every client that walks through our doors. Not only is BVW Jewelers known for custom jewelry work, our jewelers also work on in-house silver, gold and platinum jewelry repairs. To top it all off, BVW Jewelers specialize in the best diamond jewelry appraisals.


BVW Jewelers is the proud owner of having the most 3D jewelry design stations in all of Northern Nevada. By utilizing lost wax-casting techniques and designing in not one, but two CAD programs, BVW Jewelers can create any custom design for any customer all the while making sure we cater to each individual budget, need, and want. With the technology used for our custom jewelry it is something that can be made affordable to all our customers. The custom design process gives our clients a one-on-one experience to sit down with a staff member, discussing their specific ideas and inspirations. As the process moves forward, the client gets to see their jewelry sketched on paper transformed into a 3D digital rendering. Once approved, the piece then is altered and printed into a wax mold. Afterwards, it’s cast to metal, leaving a result that is truly made from none other than the customers’ own imagination. Lastly, in order to ensure all our jewelry is made with regards to top-quality standards, BVW Jewelers has two GIA certified designers and three master jewelers on staff, all working to provide you with the best customer experience through your custom design process.



“As owner of BVW Jewelers, I have been designing and working in the jewelry industry for over 30 years. I am a second-generation jeweler/goldsmith who apprenticed with his family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Early on, I helped open their first store in 1987, which specialized in delivering custom, and unique handcrafted jewelry to the those in the Southwest. Since then, I have developed my own style and maintained my reputation as one of the most unique and creative designers of fine jewelry in Northern Nevada. Thanks for visiting and come on in for all your engagement and custom jewelry design needs.”

Britten Wolf – Owner, Designer, Jeweler


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