Our gallery features exhibitions of established and emerging local artists. We believe that art is integral to cultural and social values, which has proven to attribute towards the growth of social awareness. Therefore, a percentage of a commission from a piece of art goes to a Greater Northern Nevada charity.


PAULA M. SAPONARO utilizes a wide and unique combination of mediums from watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, pastel and collage to achieve her signature painting style. Working primarily in series, she creates a variety of depictions from landscape to figurative. “As a non-representational artist, I concentrate on the use of color and strong graphic-like applications.” Her figurative works range from observations of “our on-going construction of contemporary mythologies and politic” to highly sophisticated, sensual, and often disturbing translations of what the artist describes as the “the human animal.”

Close inspection of her work reveals an incorporation of symbols (“lots of Xs and spirals”), words and letters, or what she calls “personal iconography—what I like to think of as my own language.” The graphic quality of her work is greatly informed by her early years. Although primarily self-taught (“making art is the best way to learn art”) early encouragement came from the tutelage of renowned art teacher George Landino and further influenced by her father’s instruction as a draughtsman—an obvious aspect in her distinctive urbanscapes. The biggest shift in expression came after moving west in 1980. Serving as Art Director for the Hermitage Gallery in Reno, fostered a love of printmaking and led to training with Nolan Preece of UNR, Eric Lindgren of Hand Graphics in Santa Fe and the Magnolia Press in San Francisco. For over thirty-five prolific years, Paula Saponaro has produced work in inspirational studio residences in Floriston, California, Silver City, Nevada, the 1870 Sutro Warehouse Barn outside Dayton, Nevada, and in her current Carson City residence.

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